Time to Re-Align?

History, so often ignored by Americans, offers helpful perspectives. So I commend this article — a thought-provoking longer read for Americans disgusted with today’s tribal, unprincipled political tumult. Are Americans ripe for a realignment? Not a third party — but a new party?

The article notes that, in mid-19th century, principled American politicians were compelled to put the “sanctity of the nation above the narrow bonds of party … in the epic struggle to save the United States from its own darker instincts.” The G.O.P. was born out of a declining Whig party and the morally-compromised Democrats.

What demanded realignment was a growing, shared moral disgust at Democrats who were promoting and expanding chattel Slavery into the USA’s western territories. So ex-Whigs and ex-Democrats swallowed hard to set aside their old party alliances and personal ambitions to form a new Republican Party.

Today’s Democratic and Republican parties (displaying equal and opposite self-righteousness) are corrupted by immoral (and not just necessary political) compromises. In my home state, candidates claim conservative votes with guns, pickup trucks, and anti-refugee rhetoric. Like a 1850’s ex-Jacksonian Democrat, I gag on what the author proposes to never-Trumpers who are revulsed by the GOP's tolerance of idolatrous nationalism, xenophobia, overt misogyny, and racial hatred. Where does a womb-to-tomb defender of the sanctity of life cast a lot?

The USA is overdue for political realignment. My ultimate allegiance is to God's kingdom.
(Philippians 3:20). And I eagerly await a new home where righteousness dwells. (2 Peter 3:13). But count me among American voters who would like a new political home — in a party with ethical principles, that pursues just policies for all citizens, and one with moral backbone.